300cc supports companies in various fields with their international procurement efforts in securing supply as illustrated in the examples below:

4. Construction Products


Sourcing and supply of a range of construction products and equipment.

Our Client:

Our client is a leading Civil and Mechanical Engineering service provider based in South Africa which provides a full range of construction support services across the country.

Project Description & Methodology:

300cc was engaged in sourcing of and supply of range of engineering and construction products – dredging excavators, pumps, flanges, pipes & pipe fittings. Again we studied the market and then short-listed the top manufacturers for each product. After going through the whole selection process which included factory visits, interviews, quality tests, price comparisons, investigation of suppliers’ reputations and track record etc. We negotiated the terms and supervised the whole production process including quality control which resulted in assured product quality and timely delivery of the products to our client.


300cc is in close cooperation with the client and continues working on various projects.