Product Sourcing

We can source top quality chemicals, equipment and ancillary supplies for mining at competitive rates. The process begins with a detailed brief, we then research the market and perform due diligence, shortlisting 2-3 suppliers from whom we obtain full quotations detailing prices and product specifications.

We provide you with a detailed report of our recommendations and you select the preferred supplier; this is followed by factory visits, inspections and audits if required to further inform the decision. Once you are satisfied with the supplier, we will place the order, make payment, supervise production (including 3rd party testing if required) and finally manage timely delivery through effective supply chain management.

It would be easy to prioritise price over all else, but we understand the consequence of compromising on quality in key areas and work to find the correct balance.

Import/Export Agency Services

Volumes of paperwork, complicated processes and cultural differences are just a few of the common hurdles faced by companies wanting to import or export goods. We minimise the risk and work involved in this area and have the expert knowledge required to negotiate these obstacles for you.

Trade Negotiations

You may want to renegotiate rates or terms with your existing suppliers instead of finding new ones. If you are not completely satisfied with your current trading partners and would like us to act as an intermediary to get you the quality, service and price you require, we will represent your interests and achieve the desired outcome.

Market Consultancy

We can provide a free initial consultation on your import requirements, evaluate your current set up and subsequently act in an advisory capacity in addition to and support of any existing agents and shippers you work with. We can answer immediate questions about the feasibility and cost effectiveness of sourcing particular products from China, as well as guiding you through the advantages or potential challenges of doing so.

Business Intelligence

Your business is complex and you have enough to do without worrying about the factors affecting price fluctuations of your products. This is why we take care of this aspect for you, alerting you to market factors that may affect the cost of your goods or interrupt the flow of its supply chain.

Production Supervision & Inspections

We reduce the risk associated with direct import by actually putting “boots on the ground” wherever your goods are being manufactured, additionally providing a 3rd party inspection and operating tight supervision of the process to ensure your delivery is on time and matches the standards you specified.

Warehousing & Shipping Support

Buying and ensuring competent manufacture of your supplies is only half the battle, you also need to be sure they will arrive on time and undamaged. We are experts in local consolidation, storage and transport of goods so you can relax knowing we’ve got everything in hand.