300cc supports companies in various fields with their international procurement efforts in securing supply as illustrated in the examples below:

2. Engineering and Construction Products


Sourcing of all products for temporary office and accommodation facilities at the construction site


Our client had been awarded the contract to build 2 dams in two separate locations for one of the biggest platinum mines in Zimbabwe. 300cc was required to provide and supply temporary offices and housing facilities for the resident engineers and labourers at working site for the period of 18 months till the dam building project was completed.

Our Client:

Our client is Zimbabwe based construction and project management services company within the construction and mining sectors. Its services include construction management, project management and consultation, skills procurement services, materials procurement and safety, health and environmental management services.


300cc’s services included research, the whole process of selection of the suppliers, sourcing, and negotiation of the terms plus import of products which were needed for this project. This includes products such as such as butterfly valves and water pipe line (including ductile iron pipes, PVC and mPVC pipes), prefab structures and furniture.


300cc successfully finished the project resulting in client’s high degree of satisfaction and began a successful on-going long term relationship.